About Me

12071558_10205018375120892_846454555_nStrange name… I know. 🙂 A long series of events have led me to start my own sewing/crafting business. I ended 11 years of teaching to stay at home with my kids. When trying to think of a name for business I realized that there was a constant phrase I kept hearing in my house….. “I love you on Tuesdays!”   To the story…  My oldest(at the time, 8 years old) kept trying to get my youngest to return the “I Love You”. You could see the frustration on the face of my youngest (at the time, 4 years old)… Out of no where and in a frustrated tone her response was, “I love you on Tuesdays.” Although my oldest didn’t find it very amusing my husband and I had to laugh. For months after that the phrase has been in constant use so what better name to name my business than after a sweet memory my kids started. 🙂